Sackets Harbor: Employment!

Great news!

I’ve been selected by the administration and approved by the Board of Education to be the new Band Director in Sackets Harbor Central School!

The school is beautifully built.

I’ll be the only instrumental music teacher in the building, and therefore in the district.

Right on the water; I’ll have to invest in a boat!

Sackets Harbor is a small village located on Lake Ontario roughly an hour north or Syracuse. The school houses grades K – 12 in one building complex and serves about 450 students. I’ll be teaching instrumental lessons to all of the band students and conducting the school’s one concert band every other day. In the spring I’ll be leading the schools marching band: “The Sentinels”. Additionally I’ll be teaching one section of Home an Careers each day.

A trail leads you around the village; it pinpoints historical events and buildings. The village is very proud of its history as the site of the first battle in the War of 1812.

I know that in Sackets Harbor I will be able to focus and create a curriculum that will jump-start the band program and inspire young musicians to push their abilities. The administration and community is extremely supportive of the arts and that goes a long way in developing a program. I’m looking into new ways to allow students to be creative, and responsive to music. The Careers course presents a new challenge to me. In this course I’m looking to assist students in developing healthy life skills and habits which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about the program! And visit me!


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